" PALS  has really been the backbone of my recovery

and healing from breast cancer these past twelve months! Each month I look forward to PALS  not only

for their informative speakers, but also for the interaction with other survivors who wish to stay

upbeat and "alive" during the process"


"Thank you for your help and kindness. I truly

appreciate everything. And continued success with the

PALS  organization"




"Getting in touch with PALS   was a turning point in my

cancer journey. From a very low point in my life, one

contact led to another until I had a wonderful team to

help me thru it all. Thank you."


"PALS  gave me the opportunity to meet and talk to

other women who are facing or who already

experienced the same surgical and treatment

decisions that I m currently confronting."


"Meeting so many breast cancer survivors in the

PALS  has helped me gain a positive attitude

while going thru my treatment."


"What has PALS  done for me? They let me know that

having breast cancer isn't a death sentence, and that  I 

would be OK".


" I had breast cancer 11 years ago. I never could afford a prosthesis, even though I'm quite large-busted and

needed one badly. My husband has a heart problem

and we don't have insurance. Recently, my doctor

told me about a lady from PALS  I called her and she

immediately arranged for me to be fitted with a 

prosthesis and two bras. God bless those women for

helping me!"